AV Manufacturers partner for The SECOND Higher Education Technology Summit- Philadelphia

HETS 2017 sponsors logo finalFour well known audiovisual and classroom technologies manufacturers, FSR, Inc, Biamp Systems, Christie Digital and Quam Nichols, have partnered to put on the second Higher Education Technology Summit (HETS).  Created … Read More

Dorms- Not Just For Sleeping Anymore

residential GA TechResidence halls are a big profit center for colleges and universities.  Typically educational technologists have had little to no technology responsibility in dorms.  But when student expectations drive projects and … Read More

Higher Ed is Under Siege…

detche-keynote-2016Have you been to a conference with an opening keynote that just didn’t seem relevant to the attendees, their jobs or the trends and topics that they wanted to learn … Read More

Going Global? Here’s What Your Technology Team Needs to Know

This was originally posted in the winter edition of SouthEast Education Network (SEEN) magazine:

global-teams1I was fortunate enough to be able to discuss technology specific concerns for schools with multiple … Read More

The One Button Studio: A Real-Life “Roll” Out at Notre Dame

notredame_mendoza_logoThis information was provided by Jim Spencer and Nick Page from the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame:

I mentioned that we’ve been playing with … Read More

Designing Future-Ready, Technology-Enhanced Rooms


Originally published in Private University Products and News (PUPN), November 2016.

Being smart and intentional when designing building infrastructure for power, AV and IT is necessary to keep up with … Read More

The One Button Studio

one-buttonThere has been an increase in dialogue about the “One Button Studio” solution that many schools are designing and installing for their faculty and students. A one button studio is … Read More

Disruptive (Non)Technology

red-caster-bigSome background info: I see the phrase “disruptive technology” all over the place and it makes me cringe. It has become one of those trendy buzz-phrases; destined to rise to … Read More

Is This Part of the Future AV “Experience?”

Modern-Architecture-06The AV/IT Technology Leadership Summit developed by the team at AV Technology Magazine took place at the Affinia Hotel in NYC last week. This two day event was completely free … Read More

5 Tips For Managing Technology Teams on Multiple Campuses

Global-Teams1Colleges and Universities that have a global presence and a network of multiple campuses worldwide have a unique set of challenges. These challenges are not unlike a business operating offices … Read More